Make any of your looks more eye-catching by wearing a modern fashion accessory.

In addition, you can transform your style easily by just adding a small detail such as a piece of jewelry. Fashion jewelry is always a good idea because you wear the latest trends at affordable prices.

1. Stacked rings for a remarkable style

Stackable rings are just so amazing and easy to pull off. You can add as much as you want rings till you get the desired look. In addition, feel free to style different kind of rings such as statement, glitter, rhinestone, stone or delicate rings together.

This style is great for any type of a lady no matter of her occupation or fashion style. This fashion accessory is very eye-catching and creative because you get to be the designer of your own style. It is possible to wear it in a casual way or very elegant way.

Also, based on your rings, you can add another fashion accessory such as a bracelet, small clutch or a belt that goes with the rest of your accessories. There are many stackable ring sets or you can give a second chance to your old rings.


2. Earrings appropriate for your elegant outfits

Every now or then, we have some sort of a special occasion to celebrate. Therefore it is a good idea to have a fashion accessory, which is appropriate for the event.

For example, a pair of delicate dangling earrings. They could be topped off with glitter or rhinestones to give you the extra sparkle and elegance.

When preparing our looks to attend a special occasion it is important to work our way from the clothing and then the fashion accessory. If you happen to love the classic black dress, then you will have a greater choice of earrings or other accessories.

Or, if it is your most special day, then you can get a jewelry set because it will be easier to style, especially if you have a very detailed dress. Of course, if your preference is more elegant, it is good to go for a natural stone, rhinestones or crystals.


3. Decorate your looks with a bright colorful statement necklace

Having a colorful and bright fashion accessory in the spring and summer is just a must have. It will open up your style and definitely put a smile on your face. Based on the main colors from the fashion accessory you can pick up your clothes so it doesn’t look tacky.

There are unlimited types of colorful and floral necklaces that you can select from. Plus, if you have a lot of basic outfits this is a great trick and styling tip on how to jazz them up.

Jazz up your monochromes with a colorful fashion accessory

You can contrast the darker colored necklaces with a white top which could be very fashionable or detailed or a plain t-shirt. You can wear this type of fashion accessory in a casual, glam, fashionable or stylish way.


4. Turquoise fashion accessory for any of your summer looks

A great way to give a pop of color to your monochrome outfits is by wearing a turquoise piece of jewelry. You will probably think that these are only for the boho lovers, but you will be wrong. You can wear them with any kind of an outfit.

This color besides from being very popular in the bohemian fashion is also great for the summer. The reason is of course because of the color that reminds us of the ocean and the beach. In addition, don’t be afraid to add a couple of jewelry pieces with this color at the same time to accentuate your summer joy.


5. Attract people’s attention by wearing layered necklaces

Layered necklaces look so sexy and eye-catching, especially on a tanned skin. This is a great technique you can use on a daily basis to spice up your outfits. In addition, you can end up with a truly unique design by mixing old and new necklaces together.

6. Exotic tassel earrings for a stylish look

These bright colored earrings look very elegant, chic and sleek. You can wear them to go to a special event, yet you can rock them with your beach wear. Tassel earrings come in many different vivid colors, which makes them the perfect complimentary fashion accessory for the summer.

You will be able to find them in different lengths and different types depending on your occasion. There are many tassel earrings that have crystals or rhinestones on them, which makes them a great piece of jewelry for special occasions.

And, you can find very simple, yet still remarkable tassel earrings that you can style on daily basis. Don’t be afraid to wear your favorite pair of tassels with colorful and printed outfits. For some reason these earrings are always appropriate no matter how detailed your outfit is.

Of course, you can style them with plain outfits to give them a pop of color and elegance. Also, since these earrings are such statement pieces you can wear them with all kinds of different and trendy hairstyles.


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